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All Past Pax Sinica Articles 過往所有的文章

20101011 聖傳與教義的進展 Understanding divine tradition and the development of doctrine

20101004 教父時代的結束 The End of the Patristic Age

20100927 聖奧斯定 ——教會最偉大的教父 St. Augustine — The Greatest Church Father

20100920 四世紀的偉大聖師 Great Teachers of the 4th Century

20100913 四世紀在卡巴多喜亞的教父們 The Cappadocian Fathers in the 4th Century

20100906 教會早期的「基督學」Early Church Christology

20100830 第三、第四世紀聖教會的神學思想 Theological thoughts from early centuries

20100823 第一、第二世紀聖教會的教父 Fathers of the 1st & 2nd Centuries

20100726 澳洲聖女——苦架瑪利亞 The First Australian Saint

20100719 印度小花 The Little Flower of India

20100712 中國小花 Little Flower of China

20100705 至死不渝的愛 Love right to the end

20100628 熱誠地奮勇向前 ‘Always forward’ with zeal

20100621 熱心的嘉法沙神父 The zealous Don Cafasso loved Our Lady

20100614 聖女日納曼 Saint Germaine Cousin

20100607 新的「瑪加利大」Blessed Maria of the Divine Heart, a new St. Margaret Mary

20100531 天主臨居人靈 Mystic of the indwelling

20100524 聖神的忠僕 Mystic of the Holy Spirit

20100517 希望的節日 The Feast of Hope

20100510 為天主!為加拿大!For God and Canada

20100503 服務神父的真福聖者 Blessed who served priests

20100426 「第三部」——完全信賴耶穌 ABCs of Divine Mercy: C – Completely trust in Jesus

20100419「第二部」——實踐慈悲 ABCs of Divine Mercy: B – Be merciful

20100412 「第一部」——祈求慈悲 The ABC of Divine Mercy – A: Ask for mercy

20100405 痛苦五端:耶穌被釘在十字架上死 Fifth Sorrow Mystery: Jesus died on the Cross

20100329 痛苦四端:耶穌背負十字架 The Carrying of the Cross

20100322 痛苦三端:耶穌受茨冠之苦辱 The Crowning with Thorns

20100315 痛苦二端:耶穌受鞭打苦刑 The Scourging at the Pillar

20100308 要醒寤祈禱, 免陷於冷淡 Watch and pray that you do not become lukewarm

20100301 從甄選禮到領聖體 Rite of Election leads to Easter

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