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20121001 God intervenes for us 天主介入罪惡世界

Some descendents of Adam were good, but some were bad. The good were called the children of God and were the descendants of Seth. The wicked were called the children of men and were the descendants of Cain.
The children of God and the children of men did not remain apart but intermarried. Therefore, the good were corrupted by the companionship of the wicked, and the result was that the wicked became more numerous, and became the majority.
Ark— symbol of the Church
When God saw the wickedness of the world, He determined to destroy all mankind by a deluge. However, God decided to save Noah and his family because they led pious lives.
God instructed Noah to build an ark—-a large boat capable of carrying his family and enough animals to repopulate the earth. (Genesis 6:14-21)
Seven days after Noah and his family had entered the ark, God sent the punishment of the deluge. The rain fell for forty days and forty nights. The waters rose above the highest mountains, and all living things on earth died.
After the deluge, Noah offered sacrifice. God was pleased with the sacrifice; He blessed Noah and his sons, and made a covenant with them, promising never to destroy the world again by water. The bow in the clouds is the sign of this covenant.
Noah is a type of Jesus Christ. Noah built the ark to save his family from the deluge, Christ found the Catholic Church to save mankind from eternal damnation. Noah offered sacrifice to God, Christ offered Himself in sacrifice. Noah was the second father of the human race, Christ is the spiritual father of all mankind.
The ark is a figure of the Catholic Church. God Himself commanded Noah to build the ark, and the Son of God Himself founded the Church. There was only one ark, and there is only one true Church. Salvation from the deluge came only through the ark, and salvation from eternal damnation came only through the Catholic Church. The ark did not perish, and neither will the Church.
Tower of Babel
Japheth, Ham, and Shem were the three sons of Noah. Genesis Chapter 10 is the “Table of Nations” because it tells which nations came from each of Noah’s sons.
In Chapter 11, the descendants of Ham who settled in the Plain of Shinar tried to build a very high tower to make a name for themselves. By doing so, they committed the sin of pride.
God confused their language. Before this time, all people spoke the same language, but suddenly they couldn’t understand one another. They were obliged to cease building the tower. The tower was called Babel.
As a consequence of the confusion of languages, the descendants of Noah were scattered over the world; many of them fell into idolatry.
The tower of Babel resulted in division and dispersion; the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost resulted in unity and communion. The fact that all people understood the language spoken by the apostles on Pentecost, evokes, by way of contrast, the confusion of languages at Babel. “Doubtless, the Holy Spirit was already at work in the world before Christ was glorified. Yet on the day of Pentecost, He came down upon the disciples to remain with them forever (cf. John 14:16). The Church was publicly displayed to the multitude, the Gospel began to spread among the nations by means of preaching, and there was presaged that union of all peoples in the catholicity of the faith by means of the Church of the New Covenant, a Church which speaks all tongues, understands and accepts all tongues in her love, and so supersedes the divisiveness of Babel.” (Vatican II, Ad Gentes, 4)

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