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20120116 Christ will pass eternal judgment on us 基督判決永恆的斷案

20120109 Grace circulates among members of Christ 聖寵循環於基督奧體

20111219 God gives holy signs to holy Church 天主給予聖教會神聖的標記

20111212 Mother Church nourishes us with divine truth 慈母教會似真理滋養我們

20111205 Holy Spirit leads us along the true road 聖神引領眾人踏上真道

20111128 Jesus leads the way to our final home 耶穌引領我們到天鄉

20111121 Christ conquers sin and death for us 基督戰勝了罪惡和死亡

20111114 Christ, the best teacher in human history 基督是人類最好的老師

20111105 The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us 聖言成了血肉,居我人間

20111031 Mankind had a long preparation for the Messiah 人類為默西亞來臨作準備

20111024 Grace, the remedy provided by God for sin 聖寵—罪過的藥方

20111017 Creation and fall of man 人類的受造和墮落

20111010 Angels, Good and Bad 善與惡的天神

20111003 God speaks and we listen 天主啟示,我們恭聽

20110926 O Most Holy Trinity, undivided unity 至聖天主聖三

20110919 Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth 全能者、天主聖父,化成天地

20110912 Introduction to Catholicism 介紹天主教教義

20110905 Sanctification through humble work and patience 謙卑工作和含忍乃 成聖之道

20110829 Holiness through abandonment to divine providence 完全信賴天主照顧而成聖

20110822 Saintly bishop had missionary zeal 充滿傳教熱誠的聖主教

20110725 Models of Holiness in Modern Times 現代的模範聖人

20110718 Saints in the world but not of the world 聖人的在俗脫俗

20110711 Secular saints as patrons for World Youth Day 在俗聖者,被尊為為「世界青年日」主保

20110704 Soldiers of Christ fought for God and Souls 基督勇兵,為天主、為人靈作戰

20110627 Teachers of prayer from Spain 西班牙的祈禱導師

20110620 Delightful fruits of the Divine Paraclete 師保聖神的美果

20110613 Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom 敬畏上主是智慧的開端

20110606 Piety leads to love of God and neighbour 藉孝愛之恩去愛主愛人

20110530 From human to divine through the gift of knowledge 聰敏 —— 從本性到超性

20110523 Gift of fortitude gives us strength to bear suffering 剛毅賦予承擔苦痛的力量

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