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20110516 Gift of counsel helps us to make right decisions 超見之恩幫助我們做正確的決定

20110509 Understanding helps us with our faith 明達 之恩助長信德

20110502 Wisdom helps us make right judgments 上智帶來善辨

20110425 The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit 聖神七恩

20110418 貞潔 —— 諸德中的百合花 Purity, the lily among virtues

20110411 心裡潔淨的人是有福的 Blessed are the pure of heart

20110404 謙遜 —— 神修生活的基礎 Humility, the foundation of spiritual life

20110328 天主,祢是我的力量 You, oh God, are my strength

20110321 正義的果實,乃是在和平中種植的 The peace sown by peacemakers brings a harvest of justice

20110314 認識至聖者就是睿智 The knowledge of the holy is prudence

20110307 若尋德行,必能獲得 If you pursue virtue, you will attain it

20110228 聖化社交生活 The sanctification of our social relationships

20110221 研讀聖書及神修講座 Spiritual readings and conferences

20110214 生活規範形成生活的規律 A rule of life brings regularity to life

20110207 達致全德的神修指導 The art of directing souls on the way of perfection

20110131 祈禱的「藝術」和「道路」The ARTS and PATH of Prayer

20110124 在天主聖意內達致全德 Perfection consists in conformity to the divine will

20110117 認識天主和自己 Knowledge of God and of self

20110110 渴求完美 —— 成聖第一步 Desire for perfection – the first step to holiness

20110103 美國首個被認可的聖母顯現 First approved Marian apparition in the U.S.

20101220 「愛」是最大的德行 Charity — the greatest of all virtues

20101213 Burning Love Leads to Joyful Heart 喜樂是仁愛的果實

20101206 Hope without measure in the boundless mercy of God 在天主的慈悲內,望德是無遠弗屆的

20101129 How to Grow in Faith 如何增長信德

20101122 Our Lady of Soufanieh appeals for unity of Christians 索菲尼聖母呼籲基督徒合一

20101115 Lessons on prayer and peace from Our Lady of Nicaragua 尼加拉瓜聖母對祈禱與和平的指引

20101108 Our Lady of Akita urges prayers for clergy and reparation for sins 秋田縣聖母呼籲為神職人員祈禱和為世罪多做補贖

20101101 Virgin of the Revelation appeared at Tre Fontane 「三泉堂」啟示的童貞

20101025 Rules for the discernment of private revelations 分辨真偽的私人啟示

20101018 Veneration of relics of the saints 恭敬聖人聖髑的意義

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