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All Past Pax Sinica Articles 過往所有的文章

20120903 Preacher points to Mary 孝敬聖母的傳道者

20120827 Martyr consecrated himself to Mary 奉獻給聖母的殉道者

20120730 “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry” 「祈禱,希望和無慮」

20120723 ‘Death, but not sin’ 「寧死不犯罪」

20120716 Nun adores and reaches out 朝拜和外展的修女

20120709 Priest proclaims divine Eucharist 宣揚聖體的神父

20120702 Bishop points to tabernacle 聖體龕的主教

20120625 Pope of the Eucharist 聖體的教宗

20120618 Catholics recite daily prayers 每天誦唸的經文

20120611 Church teaches us to pray 教會教導我們祈禱

20120604 Priest witnesses covenant 神父見證盟誓

20120528 Jesus ordains ministers 耶穌親授聖職

20120521 Jesus anoints the sick 耶穌關顧病者

20120514 Jesus forgives us 耶穌寬恕我們

20120507 We receive Jesus 我們領受耶穌

20120430 Confirmation seals soldiers for Christ 堅振確認基督的勇兵

20120423 Baptism gives souls new life 聖洗賦予靈魂新生

20120416 Grace enters our souls 聖寵惠澤我靈

20120409 Precepts of the Church guide us to heaven 「聖教四規」導向永生

20120402 We strive to be just in words and actions 力求言行正義

20120326 Christians seek love and life in marriage 基督徒婚姻內的愛與生命

20120319 We serve God with purity of heart 潔心侍主

20120312 We respect life from conception to natural end 我們尊重生命之恩

20120305 We respect the dignity of human life 我們尊重人類生命的尊嚴

20120227 We express gratitude to our parents 對父母感恩

20120220 We keep the holy day holy 守瞻禮主日

20120213 We respect the name of God 我們尊崇天主聖名

20120206 We worship the one true God 我們朝拜一個真天主

20120130 Commandments guide us on the way to salvation 十誡引領我們走得救之路

20120123 We will pass from time to eternity 步入永恆

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